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About Me...

Hi, I'm Becky Wetzel, the owner of Harmony Graphic Design Boutique.  My love for design started in college.  I took a graphic design course and was hooked.  I was drawn to the principles of design: balance, harmony, flow, alignment, repetition, consistency, contrast, white space, and hierarchy.


I decided to put my design skills to good use and in 2019 I started an Etsy shop selling instant downloadable printables for all occasions.  I combined my love for floral watercolors and graphic design to create printables such as planners, Mother's Day Cards, Valentine's Day Cards, Recipe Cards, Thanksgiving Cards, Thank You Cards, and that's just the beginning.  The possibilities are endless and I can't wait to make more!

And look at this handsome guy sitting next to me.  This is Reggie.  He is now part of our pack which includes me, my husband, our three children, and two other rescue dogs.


Check out my sister site to see my other creations:  

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