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Design Process
1. Proposal & Agreement
  • After looking over your answers from your contact form, I'll be able to determine how I can help with my design services.

  • We will schedule a "Let's Talk" call.

  • If it sounds like we would make a great fit, I'll email you a digital proposal with the project details, timeline, the deliverables, and payment detail. 

  • If you agree to work together, the contract will be signed digitally and half of the payment will be collected at this time.

2. Discovery & Planning
  • For website and logo projects, I'll send you an online questionnaire so I can learn more about your company, how you want to do business, your goals, your brand, and your sense of style.  We'll start brainstorming a creative direction for your business.

  • From here, we'll have another "Let's Talk" phone call or meeting so we can discuss your answers.

  • Once I have a good sense of the direction you want to take, I will start the research phase.  I'll explore possible color palettes, typography patterns, and your overall style.

  • I'll present you with a mood board so we can see if my ideas are on target with your vision for your business.

3.  Design Process
  • This is when I'll collect all of our ideas and put them to work.

  • We'll use all of the information we've gathered to help you determine what content you want in your design.

  • I guide you through the process of collecting your branding material content (unless I'm designing that for you too!), copy, and imagery.

4.  Refinement
  • I offer a few rounds of editing to make sure the design is exactly what you are looking for,  

  • If any major design changes are requested, we'll reevaluate the scope of the project and additional fees might apply,​

5. Final Delivery
  • Once all outstanding invoices have been paid, I will package up all your files and send them to you.

  • If we've created a website, then I will transfer all ownership to you and launch your site!​

6. Client Training & Post Launch Support
  • For all my web clients, I offer training on your website so you have the freedom to make changes in the future.  

  • I will provide 10 business days of support.  I will make reasonable small changes and fixes to your site during this time frame.

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