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Website Design
Website Dsign - Harmony Graphc Design Boutique
workhorse mockup.jpg
TDC Logo - Full Color - RGB - Transparen
Westford Historical Society Logo_Artboar
processional banner2-page-001.jpg
t-shirt logo green_edited.jpg
Workhorse B and R Logo with phone number
Logo Design - Harmony Graphc Design Boutique
Print Design - Harmony Graphc Design Boutique
Caring Teacher.jpg
Poster Design - Harmony Graphic Design Boutiuque
Donation Campaigns
2020 Annual appeal card
2021 Spring Challenge.jpg
2017 Annual appeal
2018 Spring Challenge for Facebook (1).j
2019 Spring Challenge Card for website.j
Annual Reports and Newsletters
2021 Annual Report.jpg
2018 Annual Report -page-001.jpg
2017 Annual Report-page-001.jpg
2021 Winter Newsletter.jpg
2019 Winter Newsletter.jpg
T-Shirt Designs
SFX Class of 2021.jpg
Funday T-Shirt 17B.JPG
unnamed (18).jpg
Funday T-Shirt 18.JPG
tshirt we can make a difference_edited.j
tshirt good catch_edited.jpg
Stunt Nite Ads
Class of 2022 Stunt Nite Ad.jpg
Class of 2023 Stunt Nite Ad2.jpg
Class of 2020 Stunt Nite Ad.jpg
Promotional Banner
UNDS Banner Low-Res.jpg
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